Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sacred Destinations

Here you will find articles, photo galleries, maps and illustrations of churches, cathedrals, sacred mountains, sacred rivers, mosques, synagogues, temples, biblical sites, Marian shrines, abbeys, places of pilgrimage, Roman ruins, stone circles, earth vortexes, Zen monasteries, Shinto shrines, Protestant historical sites, Jewish museums, religious artifacts, mysterious places... simply any "site or sight" considered sacred, holy, religious or spiritual.

Colonnade along the Cardo Maximus, Jerash, Jordan

Nearly every culture in human history has sought to encounter and honor the divine, the mysterious, the supernatural or the extraordinary in some way. This most often occurs at sacred sites - special places where the physical world seems to meet the spiritual world. Such sacred sites might include awe-inspiring natural places, sites made special by their connection to a god, a saint or a religious hero, places where miracles occurred, or buildings made sacred by their use for worship or ritual.

Such sacred sites remain spiritually meaningful for millions today and the ancient practice of pilgrimage is as popular as it ever was. But you don't have to be a believer to recognize that sacred places are among the most beautiful and fascinating sights you'll encounter in your travels. After all, because of the great importance attached to the sacred and its blessings, religious sites have received the best that humanity has to offer in terms of artistic and scientific skill, time, money and labor.

Bagan Temples at sunset, Myanmar (Burma)

Founded in April 2005 by a religious historian who loves to travel, the Sacred Destinations Travel Guide is an ecumenical guide to more than 1,100 sacred sites, holy places, religious buildings, religious artifacts, and pilgrimage destinations in 55 countries around the world. The sites are arranged by category and country and are searchable.

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