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Crystal Harmony

Crystal healing – how does it work?

By observing energetically, the subtle reality in and around any crystal or mineral – a ‘field’ of special subtle energy can be found. It is the field of mineral energy – a non-physical field of subtle energy that’s very specific in strengths and frequencies of vibration. Every different type of mineral has a different type of field and a different form of mineral energy within that field. So the field of Rose Quartz for example is different to that of Amethyst. Also contained in this mineral energy is a ‘code’ or agent called The Element of Harmony. It basically maintains balance and equilibrium in the minerals’ energetic reality.


We can now return to the information command of the energies in the channels between the chakras and the organs of the body (on subtle levels, not physical levels). Picture if you will someone with a throat problem – let’s be as specific as to say they have trouble with their vocal chords, as a result of perhaps some abnormal growth thereon.
In keeping with the principle of why this problem has manifest – as a result of the subtle energy going to the area becoming miscoded, we can approach the use of minerals. In this exact case, Green Tourmaline can be used to resolve the matter. Why – because the specific vibrations of the ‘mineral energy of Green Tourmaline’ are closely similar to the vibrations of the subtle energy that sustains and maintains the throat area, particularly the vocal chords ...


When a Green Tourmaline crystal is brought to the area, on energetic levels it means that the mineral energy field will interact with the subtle energy of that part of the body. As a result, the Element of Harmony engages with the miscoded ‘vocal chords energy’ and begins to re-program it to return back to balance once again.
However, as much as this crystal would have an effect, it would be comparatively limited and therefore it would need to be ‘amplified’ by means of special energetic exercises.
These exercises involve the use of thoughtforms, which are powerful, concentrated, consolidated thoughts of a fixed objective. By the action of a thoughtform on a mineral, the mineral energy can increase its power a hundredfold.

Read the full article How does Crystal Healing Actually Work?
by Nat & Tony Bondar. (PDF)


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Here’s a picture of Amethyst point, showing the striations of PE energies leaving the structure (A) and what it looks like when it’s been polished (B):


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