Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crystal Energy Healing Tools

Question 1 : What exactly is "Energy Correction" ?

Human beings, like all objects, receive different levels of energies from the 8 different directions.
When all the 8 directional energies are positive enough, they get positive results. When the energy levels dip below a limit, they suffer. For example, if a person receives high positive energy from his North, he will be financially well off. But if he also receives negative energy from his South East, he will never be able to enjoy it. The blue print of the energy levels of a person at his birth time is what you could call as his Birth Horoscope.

These 8 energy streams control the 7 Chakras and 7 Energy Bodies of the person, which in turn control every thing else in his life. The quality (positive or negative) of the energy and the quantum (percentage) of the energy that a person receives is his Karma or Destiny. The concept of correcting the 8 Directional Energies and tuning the 7 Chakras & Energy Bodies of a person so that he stays within a 100% positive energy belt all his life-time is called Personal Energy Correction.


Energy Correction FAQ: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


What can our Crystal Energy Fields do ?

Depending upon the client’s needs, we can build a Crystal Energy Field that will be tailored to suit the exact requirements of the client. It could be any or simply everything of these:

- For Buildings
Building Energy Correction
- For Homes
House Energy Correction
- For Business
Business Energy Correction
- For People
Personal Energy Correction

- For Alternative Healers/Therapists, Tarot Readers, Rune Readers, I-Ching Readers, Psychic Readers, Counsellors, Clairvoyant Readers, Astrologers, Numerologists, Fengshui Practitioners, Spiritual Teachers, Meditation Trainers, Yoga Centers : Keeps your body and mind always energised.

We custom-build powerful, purposeful and result oriented Crystal Energy Fields that are unique and longstanding. They balance the energies of living space, living environment and the people living there. They can keep attracting Health, Wealth, Happiness & Harmony for you, forever, so that your dreams are realised and ambitions achieved.

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