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Cosmic Ordering

What Is Cosmic Ordering?

At it's simplest, cosmic ordering is making a carefully worded "wish" and sending it out to the cosmos in the hope that your wish (or order) willbe answered.

Despite the fact that it has recently come to people's attention, partly due to the television star Noel Edmonds putting it as the main reason for his spectacular career comeback, cosmic ordering has been around a long time.
Its roots can be traced back to at least the early 1900's when Wallace D Wattles wrote a book called The Science of Getting Rich. In this, he talked about thinking about things to turn them into reality. This may sound simplistic but if you actually stop to think about it, it's perfectly sensible. Near enough everything you see around you started as a thought in someone's mind - the computer you're reading this on, the chair you are sitting on, the room around you. Every one of these started as a thought.

Cosmic ordering takes these thoughts and focuses on them. You send out a precisely worded request to the cosmos (or universe or your god if you prefer) and then let the cosmos deliver on that request. Some requests are simple and will be delivered by doing nothing more than this. Others are more complicated and will take some effort on your part to come to fruition. Yet others are so far away that they will need a lot of effort before they can become part of your reality.

One of the problems a lot of people have with the Law of Attraction (which is very closely related to cosmic ordering) is that they dream up a request and then get disappointed when it doesn't manifest itself into their life in a few hours or days. A common request is to win the lottery. The trouble is that a large number of other people are also putting out this request and the numbers involved just can't work for everyone. Almost 95% of lottery winners only get 10 times their stake back. So even if you "win" the lottery, chances are that you've only won $20.

It's far better to focus on a slightly smaller goal. Ideally, one that you are more in control of. It's also worth starting small - you've done that with most everything else in your life if you think about it. As a toddler, you took time to be able to walk even one or two steps without falling down. But that didn't stop you and eventually you learned how to walk.

It's the same with cosmic ordering. Start small. Send out a small request - say for a parking space to be clear for you or the next few sets of traffic lights to be green for you - and get it fulfilled. Then work up to a slightly larger request, get that filled, and so on.

Make sure your requests are worded positively. Your subconscious mind is working with you on this and it needs clear directions to get what you want from the universe. Negatives or lack of clarity will getin the way of your cosmic order being filled for you.


7 Principles of Cosmic Ordering

Anyone can do it, anytime. But to ensure success there are several key principles that are important to the process of Cosmic Ordering. If you want to explore the process of Cosmic Ordering more thoroughly then there are several excellent books on the market. However to get you started, here are 7 key principles of Cosmic Ordering.

1 Decide What You Want

This is perhaps the most challenging part of the process, knowing what you really want and never has the term "be careful what you wish for... You might get it!" been more relevant. To help you work out what you might want, review the questions on the what to order page.

2 Make Your Orders Positive

Make your orders positive, present tense and personal. This is very important, avoid negative words like not and no, instead try to phrase your request positively in terms of the things you want. Keep your orders personal to yourself, order only beneficial things. Placing hateful, negative or vengeful orders are likely to backfire, so keep your orders coming from a loving place of the heart.

3 Order In the way that works for YOU

To each, their own. Every person is unique and each person has a different sense of their connection to the Universe. Place your orders in any way that suits you. Many people like some ritual or other mood to accompany and empower their orders. Do whatever is right for you.

4 Trust the Process.

Trust the process of Cosmic ordering. It is often best to start with simple orders, like a parking space or something similar until you build sufficient trust and understanding of the process. Part of this is letting go and leaving the Cosmos to deliver your order in the best possible way and at the perfect moment for you. It is in our nature that we try to control everything around us, but it is important not to be to prescriptive as to HOW our order is going to be delivered and relaxed about the timeline. If we attempt to, we simply interfere and restrict the creative possibilities open to the Universe to deliver our order.

5 Trust your Inner Wisdom

Allow your inner wisdom to guide you in your choices. Trust yourself to place the perfect order for yourself one that states what you want and perhaps when you think you might want it delivered. But an order that strikes the right balance between action and allowing. You must allow the Universe to bring you your order, this means letting go of all anxiety and holding complete belief that the Cosmos will deliver for you, but at the same time being open, aware and ready to take the opportunities that the universe may bring you as part of its delivery.

6 You Deserve It

You deserve to have a wonderful life, believe it, live it. The universe is infinitely abundant and we all deserve our good. Accept that you deserve good things; if you cannot bring yourself to believe that you deserve good things, it becomes difficult to ask for them with an open and honest heart. Whilst the words of your Cosmic Order might say "I have a beautiful car!", your thoughts might be "I don't deserve it." ... that message is your true belief and that is what the Cosmos will deliver. When you place your order, know that you do deserve it.

7 Acknowledge Your Successes

Feel gratitude when your Orders are delivered, recognise the amazing power of the process. Even if you suspect that your delivery may just have been a coincidence, recognize also that what your requested WAS delivered. Recognising and rejoicing in your ordering success will serve to reinforce your belief and therefore the success of your future orders!

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