Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Colors of the Soul

In the Autumn, in temperate zones such as New England, it is not uncommon to travel a distance to view the Fall foliage in all its splendor. One of the colloquial terms for this is "leaf-peeping," and it applies to those who take advantage of the cool but gentle days of early Fall to appreciate the beauty of Nature's landscape that does not appear in quite the same way at any other time of year. The "peepers" know what they are looking for - the breathtaking spectacle of orange, bright gold, and red-leafed trees that give forth one last burst of glory before letting their leaves fall to the ground, there to mingle and mix with the earth in its softer and more muted tones.

Such travelers who seek the glorious colors of Autumn and the Divine paintbrush that Nature applies to the quickened foliage, would be amazed to learn that similar color can be found as attributes of the soul, attributes that do not expire in a burst of glory, but rather that form the basis for a soul's expression upon the earth.


If this parallel universe of color were known, many more would embrace the amazing spectacle of souls in their varied hues with the same fascination and awe that they presently attend to the Autumn leaves. Such travelers would not waste a moment on the exterior trappings of people in their more narrow presentations, but would seek the unmistakable heart and soul of whomever they were with, relishing the uniquely precious individualized beauty that each possesses, and savoring the particular shadings that each strives to bring forth.

The colors of the soul are splendid in their array. They vary from purple, to blue, to green, to orange, to yellow, to white - not along a visual spectrum which belongs to the physical world, but along an emotional and energetic spectrum which, if it were translated into the language of color, would partake of all of the shades of the rainbow, and even within these, divide into more subtle and particular shades and hues. The colors of the soul exist as part of the soul's essence, and even the individual bearing the stamp of a particular tonality may not recognize it as such - may not perceive that it is part of their unique identity.

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