Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coloring Therapy


The Mandala has been present both cross culturally and throughout history. It is widely regarded as a symbol of healing and total well-being. In Coloring Therapy, the Mandala represents the process or journey on the one hand, and the result or destination on the other. Like ourselves, no two are colored the same.

The Mandala is a symbol of the spiritual source or center inherent in everything. Mandala coloring is gentle fun while at the same time accessing a meditative state that leads to self discovery.

Mandala designs that are intricate enough to require a time commitment but are enjoyable and challenging enough to color are most appropriate for the purpose of Coloring Therapy.

Inner dialogue is how we talk to ourselves on the inside, the conversations we have in our minds. This dialogue happens consciously and unconsciously all day long. Inner dialogue keeps our minds very busy and it can affect the body in the form of stress or upliftment. Coloring Therapy uses coloring as a medium to discern and suspend inner dialogue so we can rejuvenate and enhance. Coloring pulls us into a state of mind where we can listen. In so doing, we can realize how inner dialogue contributes to our overall well being.



Picture inner dialogue as wild horses. They run rampant across our craniums without regard for the delicacies of the grey matter being trampled under hoof. In order to reign and tame our inner dialogue, it must first be recognized. This can happen in coloring.
The attention we put into coloring creates suspended inner dialogue. This is an objective state of awareness where we are able to view and review our thoughts as we have them. In suspended inner dialogue we are open and receptive to higher knowledge, healing, creativity and consciousness.

Many people find meditation difficult to attain even though the benefits are well documented. In Coloring Therapy, the state of awareness sought through meditation is easy because the focus needed occurs in the coloring. This state (suspended inner dialogue) is one of the main purposes of meditation and Coloring Therapy. Once inner dialogue is recognized, it can be managed and life can be influenced in a direction that is decidedly beneficial.


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