Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chromotherapy – Healing by Color


Chromotherapy is a form of healing based on the principle that all illness is manifested in a disturbed energy field (giving off light), and by the proper application of color to this energy field, a correction can be achieved, and with that correction comes healing.

Experienced and well trained chromotherapists use both color and light to balance the energy fields, and claim to effect a reversal of negative reactions manifesting in our composite physical, mental, and spiritual make up.

Although not yet proven by the modern scientific method, the chromotherapists believe that their methods are indeed scientific, and instruments to verify the results are not yet manifest. Furthermore, chromotherapists adhere to the belief that colors do indeed bring about identifiable emotional reactions in people.

The treatment in chromotherapy is in the application of color and light to specific areas on the body. The therapists believe that colors have both positive and negative effects on the body’s energy fields; with some specific colors in specified doses can effect the actual healing. The therapists use a whole range of color carriers and emitters such as gemstones, fabrics, prisms, light wands, and colored water in baths.

Here is a quick and easy guide, based on chromotherapists guidelines, as to the meaning of specific colors and their role in healing.

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