Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Bermuda Triangle

Artist's sketch of a maze   resembling the Bermuda Triangle

One of the legends of the sea that has persisted even to today is the story of the Bermuda Triangle. Here ships and airplanes seem to disappear more often than in other parts of the ocean. Usually the craft are never seen again, which is not too surprising in an area noted for hurricanes and high waves. The Bermuda Triangle covers an area from the southern Virginia coast to Bermuda to the Bahama Islands.

Is the Bermuda Triangle really the "graveyard of the Atlantic"? We guess that most of the disappearances of boats and planes could be explained if only someone other than those who sank had been there to watch what really happened.

Imagine, for now, that you are the captain of a sailing ship that has wandered into the Bermuda Triangle. After all, ships from Maine explored the Seven Seas bringing fish and lumber from northern New England all over the world.

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